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How many kanji should you learn? How long will it take? The answer might suprise you...

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Elements and mnemonic phrases

K-Flash uses a unique system of elements—building blocks of kanji—to make unforgettable mnemonic phrases. Because the names of the elements are strictly defined, and always appear in stroke order (the formal order of brush strokes in which kanji are written), the mnemonic phrases practically "write themselves," making them easy to recall. 


Easy Controls

Moving through the flashcards and decks is incredibly simple, so you can focus on the kanji and not on the program. 

  • Load a card file and deck. Click Show to view the card's information.
  • Click Right! when you guess a card correctly, and Again when you guess incorrectly.
  • Follow any on-screen instructions, and repeat until you've mastered the deck.

Card Files

Kanji cards are grouped into decks, and decks are grouped into card files. K-Flash includes five card files that take you step-by-step from your very first kanji all the way to the 2,136th. 


This card file includes extensive notes that quickly walk you through the basic operation of the program, and show you how elements and mnemonics are used to help you remember the meanings of the kanji.

Special Kanji

This very small card file teaches you eight kanji that have special meanings inside of K-Flash. These special meanings make it easier to create mnemonic phrases that "make sense," and therefore are easier to imagine and remember. 

Kanji for Rote Memorization

A relatively small number of kanji are just easier to learn by rote. Take 川 'river' for example. With a little imagination, it's easy to see the "river" in that kanji.


K-Flash breaks down kanji into its own system of elements. Once you know the elements, you can instantly recognize them inside of kanji just like you recognize letters inside of words. 

Main Card File

With the four previous card files under your belt (under 50 kanji in total), you're ready to put it all together and start learning the rest of the kanji full speed ahead! This card file includes all of the remaining 2000+ kanji, divided up into 42 decks. 

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